Some Of Our Clients Include:
Here's How You Can CLOSE SALES Without Any SELLING...
Just By Applying This  "C.L.O.S.E.R"  Formula!
PS: The same formula has worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, helping my clients retain their prospects, convert them into clients for life, and still willingly give referrals. But don't believe me, see it for yourself...

"After Ian's training... I closed 2 out of 4 appointments: that's a sweet commission of $5158!"

- Leslie Wong, Financial Consultant, Prudential

"Together with Ian, we created a Customized Closing Kit which has given me a lot of structure - making closing really as simple as ABC.

With Ian's C.L.O.S.E.R Formula and coaching on how to close without selling, I closed 2 out of 4 appointments: that's a sweet commission of $5158!

Totally worth my investment for attending this training!"

“Thanks to Ian, I've closed 7 cases... bringing home a total of $7400 worth of commissions!”

- Grace Teo, Executive Financial Consultant, AXA

"Before Ian's coaching, I was a struggling agent with low self-esteem. I didn't want to approach people because I didn't like the feeling of selling... and as a result, I had no flow in my sales presentations.

After Ian's coaching, I've learned the C.L.O.S.E.R Formula and put to practice the skills on how to approach my prospects in a way that gains trust, establishes authority, and more importantly... to close without selling!

Thanks to Ian, I've closed 7 cases, bringing home a total of $7400 worth of commissions!"

"...closed about 10 cases with FYC totalling about $12,000... and improved my closing ratio to 3:1. Thanks Ian!!!"

- Jamie Quek, Executive Financial Consultant, AXA

"I was a mediocre planner... always nervous before appointments. I had no effective presentation and was always struggling to find my prospect's hot buttons.

Ian's C.L.O.S.E.R Formula has given me tested and proven way to conduct my appointments and I finally know how to positioning myself in a way that I'm not here to push sales but I'm here to close ethically

In the past 2 months since the BornToClose workshop, I've closed about 10 cases with FYC totalling about $12,000... and improved my closing ratio to 3:1. Thank you Ian!!"
Here's What You Will Learn When You Come For The BornToClose Workshop:
  • The 3 Secrets To Closing Deals:- Most salespeople and entrepreneurs make the stupid mistake of emphasising on unimportant things such as the color of their suit or tie, or the watch that they wear, or the car that they drive... After 12 years of doing sales and coaching, I've realized that you only need to focus on these 3 secrets and you will begin to see results like crazy.
  •  Be A Closer Instead Of Just Another Seller With My ChampIAN “C.L.O.S.E.R” Formula:
  • It took me 10 years to craft and fine-tune this formula, and when you use it correctly, I guarantee you don't have to use any of the 'old-school' disgusting selling methods. You don't have to use any lame tricks. And you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not.
  •  The “P3 Magnetic Branding” Methodology to stand out from the noise in the market and capture the attention of your prospects… such that they automatically buy from you without raising any objections.
            (Psst: This methodology has closed me a $37,850 sale without selling at all… And I will show you how you can do the same too!)
  •  How Gain "Permission To Close" From Your Prospects using a simple ABC script to immediately establish authority, create curiosity, and make your prospects desire to be closed. This personal script allows for fluidity, customization, and innovation for fast and effective closing… Most salespeople cannot close because they apply a “meet-first-then-see-how” approach (very bad strategy)!
  •  On-the-spot coaching: I will be sharing with you the Ultimate Sales Problem Identifier so that you can pinpoint where exactly is your challenge in your sales so you can begin taking action immediately.
  •  Many more in-depth sales strategies and techniques that will turboboost your sales in this turbulent economical market and ensure that you thrive in your business, and not just to survive!

    Hey There, 
    Sales Champ.
    My name is Ian, and most of you may know me as the ChampIAN Closer Coach.
    At 17, in my first job as a salesperson selling computers, I sold 174 units over 10 days, generating over $340,000 for the company.

    At 19, after just 10 roadshows, I’ve had sold over $1,200,000 worth of computers in sales revenue.

    At 21 upon NLP certification, I began doing seminar sales while completing my Business Degree in Marketing, selling motivational programs for teenagers struggling in their studies. My record was selling $80,000 worth of programs in just 2 hours.

    At 24, I started my own sales training company and now specialize in creating ChampIAN Closers. My best record was closing 93.1% at one of my seminars.

    At 26, (just last year) I was awarded the SME500 Promising Youth Entrepreneur Award and this year, I'm being nominated for the Spirit Of Enterprise Award

    As an international sales coach, I’ve trained more than 15,000 participants in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India. Today, I work closely with “PRIME” sales champions (Property, RMs, Insurance, MLM, Entrepreneurs), to whom I train and coach passionately to produce results for them.

    But honestly... all these facts about me are not important, because what matters most is the results that I create for my clients... and what matters most is you.
    "(Ian's coaching) contributed to an increase in sales revenue by about at least 30%, generating an additional $30,000 worth of sales. If you're an SME, Entrepreneur, or sales personnel, you should look for Ian because he's the best sales coach I've engaged!

    Thank you Ian!"

    Wendy Swee, 
    Asia's eBay eCommerce Expert
    WayGuru Productions Pte Ltd
    "You have the smartest system in the world...
    Dude... The qualifier at the start and your selling process throughout... 
    don't close at least 20% more is impossible.
    Ian has created a system that is a breakthrough that this industry has never seen before. What he has designed will help guide people step by step by that they reach a conclusion that yours is the option for them to select. His (sales process) is so brilliant and so profitable.

    If you use this, and if you listen to how Ian explains this to you, then you're just gonna make bucketloads of money!

    -Melvin Soh
    Marshall Thurber Official
    Founder of Enlightened Profits

    "...increase in sales closing by 20% (during a slow-moving property market)!"

    - Edwin Kheng, Group Director, Orange Tee

    "The techniques has helped me to hone my sales presentation skills and read people even more deeply. This has benefitted me in closing sales faster, and improving relationships with clients!

    After the training, I saw an increase in sales closing by 20% (closed 1 more in every 5 prospects I met) during a slow-moving property market!

    If you wanna connect and close, you need to learn from Ian!"

    “In Just 1 Week, I Closed 20 Cases... $16,000 Worth of Commissions!”

    - Michelle Tan, Executive Financial Consultant, Great Eastern

    "In just 1 week after the 3 days training, I closed 20 cases... which translated into $16,000 worth of commissions! It felt as though my sales "closing switch" was suddenly turned on!

    I would highly recommend this training to anybody who is serious about raising their closing % and bringing home more income for themselves!

    Thank you Ian!"

    “Healing Touch Achieved Several Breakthroughs In Terms of Sales… We Are Now Ready to Take Our Beauty Business to a Much Higher Level!”

    - Joshua Lung, CEO, Healing Touch Global

    With new strategies from the training, Healing Touch achieved several breakthroughs in sales and staff motivation. I still hear my staff telling me what sales targets they are aiming for (and achieving them) with much enthusiasm and belief. This is something which really amaze me. We are now ready to take our beauty business to a much higher level!

    Anyone who wants to transform their sales to the next level must engage an expert, an industry insider – someone who they can trust as their ally

    To me, Ian is that guy!
    If you are a "PRIME" Sales Champion
    and you wanna begin closing without selling in an ethical, consistent and effective way... 
    I invite you to invest $20 in yourself and come for my BornToClose workshop.

    The workshop will be held at my own training centre, and there I will share with you my time-proven and on-the-ground tested ChampIAN C.L.O.S.E.R Formula to close sales without selling.

    “…My Total Commissions Went From $175 To Slightly Over $10,000 In Just 2 Weeks!”

    - De Qiang, Top Financial Consultant, Prudential

    In just 2 days after the bootcamp I've closed my first case, and after 2 weeks, my total commissions went from $175 to slightly over $10000 - a whopping 5714% increase!!

    Now I am able to present to close faster and easier, and convert my prospect's objections into collected premiums any time I want to. Thanks Ian!

    “…immediately closed a case after just 3 days!”

    - Valenisha, Executive Financial Consultant, Prudential

    "Ian's methodology on closing without selling, which is a combination of real life experience, NLP, psychology of people, and our unique sales personality is both refreshing and completely new in the market… Revolutionary!

    With the closing skills that Ian has equipped me with, I immediately closed a case after just 3 days and have been acquiring and closing deals consistently!

    “…Efficiently Read Buying Signals And Effectively Act On Them!”

    - Alvin Tan, Director, SureClean

    Ian has raised the confidence and capabilities of my sales team, allowing their most natural sales personality to charm the prospect. They are empowered with enhanced presentation and closing skills, allowing them to efficiently read buying signals and effectively act on them!

    Together, we have how to close deals more effectively!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why do I have to pay $20 for your workshop when there are dozens of free preview training out there in the market?

    Good question. I get this quite a fair bit, and the answer to that is because this isn't a preview. 

    It's a workshop where I will be providing proper training and coaching, where I will reveal to you my on-the-ground experience and time-tested formula for you to close sales.

    The BornToClose Workshop costs $20 simply because you’re going to gain access to methodologies and strategies that will propel you to sales success faster. This is all from my 10 years of on-the-ground experience. 

    As much as I’m sure you know certain special techniques in your industry to get ahead of the game, I too have them at an international level. And that's what I’m gonna be baring and sharing all with you.

    If it’s too pricey for you, then it's okay to move on, cos we’re just not a good fit :)
    I’ve invested a lot of money on courses and programs but haven’t seen results leh... How can I be sure this will be different?

    Ask around about me. I believe there should be only good things to say about me and my program. Nothing bad nor scammish. I've spent many years working on what I have right now, and I walk my talk. 

    I sell to close, and I teach people how to do it the exact consistent way that I do.

    But that said... you are right lah. If your fear holds you back from learning more, then don't.
    Are your closing methods easy to apply?

    There are 2 parts to this question. The answer is Yes, and the answer is also No.

    Yes it is easy for you to learn and apply immediately and all of my clients can testify for me.

    But the answer is also gonna be No because 80% of people don't take action after learning something powerful and effective. Most people only wanna feel shiok that "they know liao".

    It is my job to create customized simple-to-follow, step-by-step blueprints. But it is your job to take speedy, massive, consistent actions.

    So... my question to you is, will you take action?
    Is there a guarantee?


    Now that I've caught your attention, here's my guarantee. I guarantee that you WILL fall in love with the system that I will introduce to you, because it has proven to work with PRIME sales champions. But the only thing I cannot guarantee is whether or not you'll do anything about it.

    That said... Will I see you at my workshop?
    What do I do next?

    PRICE: $20
    DATE & TIME:
    26th October 2017 (Thursday), 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building D, #07-07, S409961
    (2 mins walk from MacPherson MRT)

    "I went from being completely new to closing 5 cases!"

    - Yu Qi, Financial Consultant, Great Eastern

    In the past, I found it difficult to close any cases... However, things changed drastically after spending just 3 days with Ian, I experienced one of the greatest eye-opening transformations through Ian's sales skills. It's truly closing with selling, and in just 3 weeks after the training, I went from being completely new to closing 5 cases (plus cross-sell)!

    Thanks to Ian, I am now in control of my income-generating abilities because I can present to close with ease and collected premiums any time I want to!

    “...makes selling and closing my prospects super easy!”

    - Ronald Lye, Master Persuasive Copywriter, Wordplay

    When Ian shared what sales personality type I am, my life suddenly made complete sense

    It made me a better marketer as well since I understand people even better now... It makes selling and closing my prospects super easy!

    If you want an expert opinion on how to leverage on your sales personality type to achieve success in sales and closing, you need to look for Ian Isaiah Ding!

    “Ian accurately broke down buyer behaviours and core motivations in just minutes...!”

    - Roger Koh, Founder, CFJ International F&B Group

    Ian accurately broke down buyer behaviours and core motivations in just minutes while other “experts” take hours and days for the same results!

    Trust me, as entrepreneurs you need to know your unique sales personality type. Thanks to Ian, I have found mine. 

    If you wanna find out yours, you need to speak to this guy, Ian Isaiah Ding – he is a rare commodity and a rare talent!
    If you've scrolled till here...

    I want to thank you for reading all the way up till here,
    because you must be really serious about closing sales.

    To reward you for it, here's a selfie. Lol.
    But in all seriousness... what are you waiting for?
    Click on the button to register now lah, then I'll see you live at my workshop.

    There I will share with you real results, tested & proven methodologies, and actionable steps on how you can close without selling.... or you could just continue selling the same old way to get the same old results.

    The choice is yours. Although the wiser choice will be hitting that red button below.
    PRICE: $20
    DATE & TIME:
    26th October 2017 (Thursday), 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building D, #07-07, S409961
    (2 mins walk from MacPherson MRT)
    Positively To Your Sales Success,
    Ian Isaiah Ding